** New Product **

Naturally unique, made of 100% natural slate each of the 8 pieces is totally unique. The dark grey stone with raw and rustic edges brings a contemporary look to the print and transforms it into a unique piece of art. Each of the pieces is carefully selected that best convey the Mourne Mountains, with beaches, mountains, forests, and of course the little olde cottages. To anyone that wants to use them as coasters and placemats, fear not as our print, and protective lacquer is tested up to boiling point, which is a lot hotter than its intended use.

Would make a beautiful and totally unique gift, as there is nothing like it on the market.

4  piece Placemat Set

Just let me know which placemat you would like to purchase......for ease of use I have just named them 1,2,3,4.

4 Piece Coaster Set



Full set 4 Coasters 4 placemats.
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