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There is nothing as thrilling as portrait photography. The ability to understand someone’s individuality and personality is exceptional. But, what really matters is capturing them both in photographs that are well-executed and professionally thought out.

A Professional Yet Friendly Approach, I have been a portrait photographer for 3 years now, and love being part of such a creative, rewarding and exciting profession. Everyone has a unique personality – dreams, aspirations, passions, and those little things that make each of us so special. As a professional portrait photographer, the challenge of finding each of these things in my clients is enthralling. They all have facial expressions that are unique to them; physical features that stand out; and an aura of inner beauty that, if captured properly, can create stunning photos. I rely on my ability to ease and comfort people, and on my calm and compassionate nature to guide them through portraiture photo shoots. My aim is to create naturally good-looking images that capture the essence and personality of my clients. But most importantly, my mission is to emphasise their uniqueness and deliver high-quality portraiture photography with minimal post-production editing. Because Portraiture Shouldn't Be Just 'Pretty' I truly believe that, when there is perfect light, composition and true emotion, magic happens – and that’s the same with my portrait photography. These photos should be more than just ‘pretty’ – they should be a reflection of who you really are, not just your everyday self. It should let others see the world through your eyes. With an extensive experience as a portrait photographer, high-quality equipment and a keen sense of perfection, I will help you get the best portraits you could have ever hoped for. How Will the Session Progress? Thanks to my landscape photography skills, I can find the perfect setting to enhance every portrait and make it unique. But if you have a specific location in mind, that would be just fine as long as it’s located within a 30-mile radius of BT62 4HE (Craigavon, North Ireland). Sessions will last for 1 hour. With me as your personal portrait photographer, you can expect to have 8-12  high-quality fully-edited images that you will most definitely be pleased to have in a portfolio, album, or showcase on the walls in your house. Images will be uploaded to my website to your own password-protected gallery. If you are looking to have high-quality portrait photos taken, then I am the person to contact. Get in touch with me today to learn more about my services, and how they can help you achieve the best result possible!

Price per portrait session: £75.00

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