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A picture is worth ten thousand words, especially when it comes to selling products. I work hard to produce the very best, whether you bake, work with wood or fabric, sculpt, or create anything that can be sold.

You need to show it perfectly lit, the colours crisp and clear, all the details visible -- and that's especially important when you sell online.

Mourne Mountain Photography can get you the photos you want and need for your product. If you're just starting out, let us shoot the full range of what you make or sell for your new website or online store.

Already established? We can photograph new items or take fresh photos of old standbys. Presentation is a big part of product photography, and we want to present your goods in a way that makes them tempting to buyers.

That means we'll expect to hear what's important about what you make or sell. When we understand your work, we can photograph it to emphasize its unique selling points. Also, tell us about your ideas for selling your goods.

You may want your sculpture photographed at one of Northern Ireland's dramatic beaches, among its rolling farmland. Or maybe in one of its shady woods, for example, to highlight the materials, shapes, or other details of your masterpiece.

Maybe you want to show how your woodworking or fabric design might add elegance to a home's interior. Once we hear your ideas, we'll add some of our own and work together to come up with images that can make your dreams for your products come true.

Don't want to move your work? We have a portable light tent we can set up to photograph your product wherever you are.

This works well for delicate items as well as some oversize or unwieldy objects. You'll get studio quality lighting and quality images without the hassle of packing, carrying, and unpacking your goods.

When you book Mourne Mountain Photography, travel costs for the photographer and equipment are included in the price for a 30-mile radius from Portadown. If the location for the shoot is greater than 30 miles away, we'll add a small travel charge.

The session will last for 2 hours or depending on the number of products you'll need photos for.Expect the session to yield at least 30 high quality images of your product. (cost per image £5).All images will be shot with a Nikon D810 ,the highest resolution DSLR that is available.That means that extra large prints,to promote your product are easily within your grasp.   Once the shoot is finished, we'll select and edit the best photos and put them in a password-protected Gallery on our web-site,and you will be able to download all the full resolution files from there.

Price per product session: £125.00

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