Wedding Pricing


People coming together, the tumultuous drama of selecting the perfect dress, the moment when the bride steps shyly but full of confidence towards the altar – all of that is why I’m a wedding photographer. Because Capturing Your Wedding Celebration Creates Beautiful Memories... In my work as a wedding photographer, my focus is not only on the characteristics that make each couple unique, but also on the details that embody a wedding celebration, creating an atmosphere of naturalness and authenticity. If you are looking for someone to laugh with, but who still delivers the best wedding photography ever, then I certainly am the person to contact. My photography captures the quintessence of any wedding celebration. With listening ears, a keen sense of perfection, and extensive experience under my belt, I deliver beautiful works of art. My photos encompass everything from the nerves, emotion, and romance of a bride’s big day, to the little details such as the couple’s parents’ excitement. Because Every Wedding Has a Unique Story... I love documenting people in a honest and truthful way – I think this has helped me become the great photographer I am today. A wedding day is centred on love and connection, and I am confident that, with my techniques and professional know-hows, I will capture the split seconds, emotion and big magic moments of your special day. Because there is nothing like the satisfaction and enjoyment I get from photographing a couple’s wedding day. The atmosphere is always stunning, and being part of a wedding gives me a feeling of inner fulfillment that in turn helps me bring joy to soon-to-be-married couples. I cannot imagine anything more challenging than being the photographer for the wedding day of two wonderful people who have chosen to start their journey throughout life together. My transparency, ability to understand my clients’ unique characteristics and great passion for photography make me the perfect wedding photographer in Northern Ireland. Because Wedding Photography Is to Be Cherished Forever... Furthermore, I know that the photography I take will have lasting importance and will be cherished for the years to come. That’s why I always avoid stuffy poses that are not comfortable, and try to capture the small details and split seconds that make a wedding celebration truly memorable. So instead of asking a friend to take random and poor-quality photos of your wedding, why not pass this on to an expert who won’t be just your wedding photographer, but also your friend and advisor? Call me today to learn more about my wedding photography services and discuss how I can help you turn your big day into a celebration of art to be cherished forever.


Wedding packages start at £795.00. As I am a Graphi-Studio accredited Photographer which means I have access to the vast range of Albums That Graphi produce, generally accepted as the market leaders in both style and design!

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