Spelga Sunset
  • Spelga Sunset

5 Places Available 

Price £35.00 per Person.

Max group size: 5

Date: 25 /2/2017

Meet: Spelga Car-Park Time:15:00 - 18:00(sunset 16:49)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Required: Camera,with suitable lens, Tripod, outdoor clothing,including waterproof boots/wellies. Not required,but will help: Instruction manual,filters,remote release,

 About the location:

Spelga Dam is one of the easiest places to get to ,and photograph,than anywhere in the Mournes.The reason is the main road goes right past it, and there is a car-park right beside it. I think that is part of the reason it is overlooked by photographers.I believe it is a wonderful place to photograph,and you could easily imagine that you where miles from civilization here.

Please remember that we will be exposed to the elements so is important to dress accordingly .A good guide to "dressing for the outdoors"can be seen  here......and remember as Billy Connolly used to say "there is no such thing as bad weather......just the wrong clothes"

What Will I learn?

The exposure triangle....aperture, shutter speed,and ISO. This is the key to all photography,and once you understand the basics ,you will be able to get a good exposure and photograph whatever you want.....whatever the light! To help ensure that, we will be shooting in manual mode,so please ensure you are able to adjust (with the help of you camera manual) shutter speed, aperture, iso and white balance ( of course I will be there to help but I may not know your camera model/settings) Histograms,and how to read them. Highlight detail is very important in landscape photography,and I will be teaching the technique know as "exposing to the right" As the Royal Photographic Society says "It is not easy to ascertain what makes a good photograph,but a good place to start is an image with a full range of tones" We will be ensuring that your image has that range......in other words no highlight detail will be lost,whilst still retaining detail in the shadows" For the optimum quality for your images I will be recommending to shoot in RAW Format......A more detailed explanation can be read hereThis is a photography only workshop,but I do intend,in the future, to go back to the studio and process RAW images from the sunrise/sunset session ready for print/web-use. If this is something that would be of interest please drop me an e-mail.

Neutral Density Grads and Graduated Neutral Density Grads

How,with the help of filters,we are able to get two different looks,from almost the exact same place.

This is a very important technique to have in your tool-kit,and it is something that we will be discussing on location at Spelga Dam

Panoramic Photography

This is one of my favourite genres of photography....and is easily within the reach of everyone. The wide-angle lens is an amazing optic,but sometimes not suited to mountain photography.To fit everything in mountains can look very small in the frame and we can make the compressed perpective of a longer lens work to our advantage.In most cases no additional equipment is required.I can show you how to set up your camera and tripod and you will be able to take very high resoloution images of your own.

Spelga Dam : Mini Workshop - £35.00

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