Hen Mountain Photo Tour Info - Mourne Mountain Photography

Hen Workshop , A introduction to mountain photography.

8/4 2017 - £50.00

Price:   £50.00 per Person.

Max group size: 5 ( 1 place remaining)

Meet: Spelga Dam Car-Park

Time: 16:00 - 20:00

Level: Beginner / Intermediate/Professional (ok I won't be able to teach you guys anything,but if you have ever thought about photographing in the mountains.....and don't know where to start,this could be as good a place  as anywhere)

Fitness: Average. We will be walking on country lanes for about 10 minutes,and about 30 minutes to climb the mountain.

Required: Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera with manual controls,and the widest lens you've got,Tripod, outdoor clothing,including waterproof boots/ coat.

Cold Drinks/energy bars/snacks,sandwiches .

Not required,but will help: Instruction manual,filters,remote release, Whats included? : One to one guidance and group guidance What's Excluded? Travel to and from the location and transport between locations on the day as applicable : Insurance

About the Location: 

Just in case you are wondering how far away it is from the car-park....and our approach route,hopefully these images will put your mind to rest.

It is a very small hill at just 348m, but it is one of the hills in the Mournes whose top is adorned with torrs. This and the fact that it is so close to the road makes it a hill that is popular with climbing novices. The image at the top of this page has been selected for the 2018 mourne calendar(which believe it or not will soon be printed),so why not join me to see what it takes to get ONE Image for the calendar. I will be approaching this tour,exactly the same way as I approach my own photography......allow an hour for the climb,20 minutes to plan compositions,and to be ready to photograph,in the golden hour,which is that magical time 1 hour before sunset. For the optimum quality for your images I will be recommending to shoot in RAW Format......A more detailed explanation can be read here To get the best from the tour,please be able to set your camera to manual,and be able to change aperture shutter speed and iso. I think that this is the best way to learn.....to be in a beautiful location when the light is at its best,it is almost therapeutic If this is something that would appeal to you,and you have a sense of adventure....well this could be the very thing you are looking for! 

Please remember that we will be exposed to the elements so is important to dress accordingly. (Gloves are easily forgotten but are a must) A good guide to "dressing for the outdoors can be seen here.....and remember as Billy Connolly used to say "there is no such thing as bad weather......just the wrong clothes"

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