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Free A2 poster print with every calendar purchased.

I have always loved large prints.....and this poster print is going to appear that you are standing along-side me on the summit of Slieve Meelbeg. This photo is very close to my heart, as it was the first time I had been filmed for my contribution to the BBC Documentary "The   Chronicles Of Mourne". The camera-man and I sat in the car in the rain, wondering whether to abort, or chance hiking to the summit. Thankfully we decided to chance it.....and we were rewarded with some beautiful light at the summit.

This remains one of my favourite images and as a special thank you to my online customers I am giving one away with every calendar purchased.

To avoid disappointment please do not leave it to the last minute, as last year I sold out of calendars in early December. I know it is easy to think "just print some more" but to keep my prices competitive I would need to print out in excess of 5 thousand......and I am not going to be able to sell that amount in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your continued support of the Mourne Calendar, as it is much appreciated.

Get your 2020 A4 size Mourne Mountain Calendar now! 

Bring a taste of their grandeur to your home or office with a 2020 wall calendar, featuring a different aspect of this incredible landscape every month.


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The Chronicles of Mourne was a fabulous 4 part BBC1  series depicting the beauty of the Mournes, that Buddy  (my faithful Samoyed) and I was pleased to be part of. It is this beauty that I try and capture for my "Mourne Calendar" Anyone that didn't see the series, a short 2 min clip can be seen here how much effort is required for just 1 image for the Mourne Calendar.

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